DiaWEB Update
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DiaWEB Update

DiaWEB Setup is a self-contained, single executable file that installs everything you need to run DiaWEB on a Windows server. It can be used to upgrade from any version of DiaWEB from greater than 


 1.   Download the latest version of DiaWEB from the client download page.
 2.   Run the setup on the web/application server.

 3.   Click Next to begin the installation.    

 4.  Installation will begin and the application will be upgraded.  Web and database
      configurations used with the last installalation will be maintained in the upgrade. 

      At the end of this step, you may see a DOS window flash.  This occurs while 
      the database schema is being upgraded to the new version.


5.  Installation is complete and DiaWEB should now be available again.