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Windows 2008/R2 - Roles & Features

Below is a listing of the minimum role services and features required to install the DiaWEB product.  Many are selected by default when you configure your server with the Web Server (IIS) Role; however, the items listed in blue below must be selected and installed manually. 

Web Server (IIS) - Services
    Common HTTP Features
      Default Document
      HTTP Errors
      Static Content
    Application Development
      .NET Extensibility
      ISAPI Extensions
      ISAPI Filters

      Request Filtering
Management Tools
  IIS Management Console
IIS 6 Management Compatibility
    IIS 6 Metabase Compatibility
    IIS 6 WMI Compatibility
    IIS 6 Scripting Tools

.NET Framework 3.0 Features
    .NET Framework 3.0
    WCF Activation
      HTTP Activation
Windows Process Activation Service
    Process Model
    .NET Environment
    Configuration APIs