Administration Objects
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Administration Objects

Administration objects in DiaWEB (Programs, Insurance Carriers, Health Care Providers, Education Topics, etc.) are exclusive of the Health Care System in which they were created.

Additionally, certain objects can be:

  • Global
    • Only possible in a Multi-System/Enterprise installation
    • They are shared across all systems
    • They are available to all users, but can only be created, edited or deleted by Enterprise Administrators
    • In the code, these objects implement IMultiSystemObjtect


  • Have an Education Focus
    • Only possible with the setting "IsOrnishModuleActive = true" in the System table. With this setting, certain objects will have an Education Focus that can be "Ornish" or "DSMT"
    • Once created, objects will be available only when the user has logged in on DiaWEB into an Education Center with the same Education Focus
    • In the code, they implement IMultiSystemObjectWithModule



  Can be Global Can have Education Focus
API Clients Yes Yes
Behavior Goal Templates    
Charge Codes    
Education Topics    
Employers Yes  
Goal Categories (Administration > Lookup Lists > Behavior Goals) Yes Yes
Goal Timing    
Health Care Providers    
ICD Codes Yes Yes
Insurance Carriers    
Insurance Plan (Ornish) Yes  
Letter Templates Yes Yes
Marketing Sources Yes Yes
Meal Plans (Administration > Lookup Lists > Meal Plan Templates) Yes Yes
Note Templates (Administration > Lookup Lists > Visit Note Templates) Yes Yes
Note Topic Templates Yes Yes
Note Topics Yes Yes
Ornish Cohorts (Ornish) Yes  
Payer Category (Ornish) Yes  
Plan of Care Item Templates Yes Yes
Plan of Care Templates Yes Yes
Program Visits Yes Yes
Programs Yes Yes
Provider Organizations Yes  
Sub Matter Expert (HCA/H2U) Yes  
Survey Templates Yes Yes
Treatment Methods Yes Yes