9 - Release Changes (DiaWEB)
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9 - Release Changes (DiaWEB) 

- Generally available 4.0 release. New dependency for Microsoft Report Viewer 2010 control.

- Case 

- First version to include web.config changes to support Microsoft Update KB2990942 which impacted MVC version.



- Case 19037: outbound stored procedures modifications require updates to Action list for any site with HL7 interface.


- Case 20360: This release does not contain code updates from previous release. Need to  run the script attached to this case manually to add the new ITP report options.


- No extra changes


Add to web.config


          <add name="Cache1Minute" duration="60" varyByParam="none" location="Any"/>
          <add name="Cache1Hour" duration="3600" varyByParam="none" location="Any"/>
          <add name="Cache1Day" duration="86400" varyByParam="none" location="Any"/>
          <add name="Cache30Days" duration="2592000" varyByParam="none" location="Any"/>