4 - Scrum Notes
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4 - Scrum Notes

As we work to allign our SDLC to scrum methodology, please note the following:

1.       Eligible Cases – Cases eligible for inclusion in Sprint 9 have the following characteristics:

a.       Milestone = 2.41

b.      Area = Backlog

c.       Sprint = 0 (zero)


2.       Eligible Cases Static – Final cases were added to the backlog 1/9/2015 but no new cases are being added after that date for required inclusion in the grooming process.


3.       Sprint = 0 – Eligible cases are temporally assigned to Sprint 0.  Only cases in the backlog with Sprint = 0 are eligible for inclusion in Sprint 9.  The product team will continue to generate cases and add them to the backlog with Sprint = (blank), these cases can be included in the grooming process for Sprint 9 at the sole discretion of the development team but are not expected to be considered until Sprint 10.  I will work to have a better solution (backlog ranking) for handling such cases in the future.


4.       Priority – The product team has prioritized the cases for grooming (1 high to 7 low).  The Development Team should groom cases starting with the highest priority and work their way down.


5.       Estimation – All groomed cases must have an estimation added to the case


6.       Sprint 9 Build – The development team will determine which cases will be included in Sprint 9 based on their bandwidth and case estimations.  Cases will be added to the sprint based on their priority starting with priority 1.


7.       Sprint 9 Start – Sprint 9 will start on Monday 1/26/2015 with a duration of two weeks commencing on 2/6/2015.