2 - Health System Team Members
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2 - Health System Team Members


Colleague Contact Information (Including Gmail Address):

Internal Link:  http://hwayteamsites/hospital/internal/Lists/contacts/AllItems.aspx

External Link:  https://hwayteamsites.healthways.com/hospital/internal/Lists/contacts/AllItems.aspx


Contractor Contact Information (Including Gmail Addresses):

Internal Link:  http://hwayteamsites/hospital/internal/Lists/contractors/AllItems.aspx

External Link:  https://hwayteamsites.healthways.com/hospital/internal/Lists/contractors/AllItems.aspx





Product Manager

Melanie Smith

Provide high level guidance insuring product portfolio meets market strategic needs

Delivery Owner

Aaron Smith

Manage the development, implementation, and operation teams responsible for product delivery within the Health Systems market.

Product Owners

Ryan Camarata - WBD

Brooke Villarreal - CTS

Manages the product by driving the vision and validating development execution.

Case Manager & Business Analyst

Kent Hubin

Support documentation clarity and development process excellence.

Operations & Architecture Team

Victor Gelmutdinov

Bray Hayes


Provide technical operational support and architectural leadership to CTS and WBD.

Agile Project Manager

Dina Lukmanova

Manage day to day case flow insuring that all barriers to progress in the SDLC are managed.

Development Team

Igor Valukhov
Nikolay Trofimov
Vlad Kopachinsky

Create software solutions from specifications.

Reporting Analyst

Brock Pickett

Provide strategic support and coordination to the reporting team.

Report Development Team

Narayan Pichaimuthu
Ray Majewski

Develop reporting to address client needs.

Quality Assurance


Insure quality by executing functional and regression testing process.

Integrations &
Release Delivery

Alejandro Arauz

Develop and maintain system integrations.  Package releases and deploy to clients.

Release Delivery & Implementation

Patrick McDonald

Bray Hayes

Manage the technical delivery of software from the release phase through client implementation.

Client Engagement

Mark Robertson

Representative of the client on the technical team after product implementation.